Welcome to Hypnotherapy 4-U...

... with qualified hypnotherapist Janette Humphrey. I hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and my practice is based in Harlow, Essex.

As a client-centred therapist, I believe in empowering people to help themselves. Everyone I see is treated as an individual and therapy is tailored to your specific needs. This ensures you receive the best possible therapy, and enables you to see results as quickly as possible.

I understand that you might be nervous about booking a hypnotherapy session and am happy to chat about any aspect of hypnosis or hypnotherapy (also see FAQs).  An honest and open client relationship is the key to creating the life you want, so if for any reason I cannot offer you a way forward I will endeavour to suggest a different approach and you can be assured of my best attention at all times.

Using hypnotherapy, I am an expert at helping people to stop smoking, overcome anxiety and stress and improve self confidence (to name but a few of the issues I help people with, for more please click here).

To find out more, please contact me to book your free initial consultation which gives you the opportunity to ask extensive questions and for me to get a full understanding of your issue – this could also be linked to your first session if required.

I want us both to be comfortable that my approach is the right one for you.

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